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Our Boy



Our Girls


Merlin stands at 22" tall and weighs 50 lbs. Merlin is our high energy boy where he loves to play fetch constantly. Merlin is toy driven and will respond to any toy thrown. He loves splashing around in the water and will often go down to the creek to play. Merlin also has a natural instinct of herding. Merlin is ASCA, and ASDR registered.


Piper stands at 18" tall and weighs 35lbs. Piper has a lower energy drive but still loves to play, and show off all her toys. Has a very natural prey drive and loves to use her voice to get what she wants. Piper is CKC and ASDR registered.


Gia stands at 18" tall and weighs 30lbs. She is a big sucker for any type of attention and absolutely loves to play with all dogs. Gia is CKC registered.


Ivy stands at 20" tall and weighs 37lbs. Ivy has a medium energy level, loves to play but is okay to chill. Has a love for water and has a natural instinct of herding. Ivy is ASDR registered. Ivy is currently no longer in our breeding program, but acts as a good babysitter.

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